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Where to find the best loan companies in 2017?

   Friday, 25 August 2017 10:53 PBC Blog


Merchant Cash Advance has become some of the biggest focus of the business world, as the best loan companies, in the twenty-first century today. Even though banks still remain on the top, Merchant Cash Advance’s influence is only rising, while banks are predicted to fall in the near future. This is because, alongside, Merchant Cash Advance, many other electronic financial institutions have been rising since a couple of years. And due to the explosion of technology in our society and how fast the virtual world is invading all aspects of our lives today, an archaic Institute like a bank is soon to fall.

So, in this article, we will look at today’s and the near future’s best loan companies in the world of commerce today. We will make notes about the banking institutions first, about their rise, and reason for this eminent fall. Then we will talk about Crowd funding, where it has come from, and where it will go. And finally, we will talk about Merchant Cash Advance and why we believe it is the best one among them.

The banks

Banks have been the ruling financial world institution for over a few hundred years. They have been largely responsible for how our financial world and even money works today. The big central banks create money themselves, earlier, money used to be backed up by gold. And so, it was stable, and its changes used to be predictable. But today, money is not backed up by anything, and that is exactly why it is called ‘Floating currency’.

Banks hold the power to issue money in debt. Debt is today’s money. This is because all the money that is submitted to the banks is considered just ten percent of what they actually use to give out debt. The rest of the money is just momentarily generated as debt. This means that every time you take a loan from a bank, the money that you attained never existed before the bank gave it to you. But you will have to pay for it with your money along with interest.

Banks have been the best loan companies in the world largely because they hold a stagnant monopoly over the whole institution themselves. But, this stagnation and inability to change with times are also predicted to be the bane of all banks. As the free market as the internet developed, banks seem to be incorporating it in them. But, this new tool, gave rise to many other potentially challenging financial institutions to banks. And now, they are all reaching a stage where they are likely to make banks completely obsolete, and this is because of another technological disruption, which is called Blockchain.

Crowd funding

Crowd Funding, as the name suggests, is the way through which you can attain finance for your cause through individual donations of thousands of people over the internet. Until now, this institution has been limited to largely smaller groups over the internet. But in the last couple of years, it has built up steam and is now become one of the best loan companies in the world.  They have already raised enough money to fund countless businesses and have helped people get initial investments for their causes.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance or MCA, in our opinion, is one of the best loan companies in the market today. While it is certainly better than banks, with a completely transparent system of interface and a fast track process that is specially designed to help businesses, it is also more established than all other new financial institutions we have talked about so far. It is already used by hundreds of business owners. Plus, it helps advance many great businesses and lets them get the financial help they want.

In Merchant Cash Advance, you get working capital in a lump sum amount in exchange for a pre-agreed portion of your future credit card or debit card sales. This portion is deducted every time your customer makes a purchase from you.

MCA is one of the best small business funding options today since it comprises of short payment terms, which is generally less than 2 years. Moreover, since the business owner pays back the MCA provider every day through its regular credit card sales, the business owner can pay off the amount within a short duration depending on the output of their business. This allows business owners to repay the amount according to their business sales, that is, when the sales are more the pay back is more, but when the sales are less the pay back is also less. In contrast, traditional bank loans ask for larger payments every month, along with longer payment terms.

Furthermore, there are not many qualifications to obtain a merchant cash advance. The MCA provider just looks at your regular credit card sales’ receipts and the term of your business in order to ensure that you can pay off the advance amount. On the other hand, conventional bank loans have a host of eligibility pointers, such as the credit history, credit score, capital, etc. of the business.

Merchant Cash Advance also has incredible potential to advance as the technology changes and the world evolves. MCA can easily adapt to Blockchain technology and completely avoid the role of bank transactions entirely. This is because the work of deducting the portion of your credit card sales can also be done through Blockchain in a much more advanced way.

Thus, merchant cash advance is the best loan company in 2017. As a small business owner, you should certainly opt for MCA in order to fund your business within no time.


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