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Where to get the Best Commercial Business Loans in 2017

   Monday, 16 October 2017 10:13 PBC Blog

Commercial Business Loans in 2017

Commercial business loans have been part of the world of commerce for centuries. They have helped establish many big enterprises and businesses, and helped the already established business owners to flourish and expand their business to new levels. If you are a business owner who is looking for a business loan, then you must consider all of your options, compare them side by side, and only then choose the one that suits you best. Yes, you heard it right, there are many options from which you can choose from, and yes banks are not the best one among them.

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While it may come as a surprise to you, banks are not the best options to get Commercial business loans from. They are the ones that hold the monopoly over the financial world, and have a grip over great public relations and marketing plans. These campaigns have resulted in years of indoctrination among the population which makes people like you and millions of others think that banks are the only and best way to obtain not just business loans, but any kind of loan. That is actually very far from the truth because options like Credit Unions and
Merchant Cash Advance are both viable and even better options for getting Commercial business loans from. So, in this article, we will compare all of these options and try to find which among themis the best option for you. Let us first take a closer look at banks.

Commercial Business Loans From Banks

Banks are the owners of the world of finance today. And they have owned this title for centuries since the first central bank was asked to print and lease the money that flows through the world today. The world’s currencies soon rapidly grew, and when the money which previously was comparable to the amount of gold in the reserve was changed into a fiat currency. This essentially meant that money had no value anymore and the world of finance started running on the trust of banks itself. This is exactly the reason why Commercial business loans are not best taken from banks because the entire financial crisis this world had seen since the last fifty years is because banks have misused this trust. So, if you go for banks to attain business loans, you will be faced with the following problems:

•    A bureaucratic tedious system that will make you tired.

•    A slow paced process that will waste ample amount of your time.

•    You will be asked for collateral and a good credit history.

•    You will be bound by their strict policies.

So, even if you do get low-interest rates, the business loan that you will get from the banks will not fulfill your desire and purpose.

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Credit Unions

Credit Unions could have been the leading financial institutions of the world if banks hadn’t turned into a monopoly. For, credit unions function upon a completely democratic system where all members of the unions are also the shareholders. So, the benefit of one is a benefit of all. Before the internet age, these unions used to be restricted to communities and small groups. But today, due to the rise of instantaneous connectivity, these credit unions have expanded across the globes with millions of members everywhere.

Getting commercial business loans from credit unions can be incredible as you will be treated just like VIPs are in banks. You will also experience the following benefits:

•    Better processing time.

•    Better interest rates and value.

•    A better understanding of your situation and capital to suit your needs.

And yet you might have to give collaterals and face the problem of bad credit history. Also, to get a loan from the Credit Union, you will also have to have an account in their union, which can only happen through an invitation from an existing member.

Now, let us look at our recommendation of attaining the best commercial business loans which are through Merchant Cash Advance.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is the process that puts banks to shame with their flexible business loan models. Attaining commercial business loans has never been easier than with Merchant Cash Advance. You can attain your business loan in less than twenty-four hours and you will be dealt with complete transparency. After all, it is a system that was established for the business owners and also by the business owners as well.

All you have to do is to find the best Merchant Cash Advance lender from the thousands that are present on the internet. You will be able to vet them yourself, check their credibility, get expert opinions, and also get reviews from their customers. Once, you have selected the one that seems to be the best for you; you will then need to send them your business proposal, your details, and your predicted credit card sales.

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Afterwards, you will be contacted by the Merchant Cash Advance lender and will be offered his/her commercial business loans offer to you. If you choose to accept it, you will be soon called for a meeting where you will be able to negotiate your terms and only sign the contract when you deem fit. Following that, you will obtain the entire loan amount in a single lump-sum transferred directly to your account.

Even though the interest rates with Merchant Cash Advance are bigger than that of banks and Credit Unions, its advantages pale in comparison, and they are:

•    The processing is specially designed to work like a business deal to get you in your comfort zone.

•    There are no strings attached and every part of the process is transparent.

•    It gives you an ease of repayment by automatically paying your lender with a portion of every single one of your future credit card sales.

•    There are no rigid terms and you will be free to use the money however you want.

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So, we hope you now understand the best way through which you too can get commercial business loans yourself.


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