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Compare Loans: Traditional Bank loans or Merchant Cash Advance?

   Monday, 25 September 2017 15:02 PBC Blog

Compare Loans Traditional Bank loans or Merchant Cash Advance

There are many ways to compare loans. When the time comes, you need to know which ones are going to be the best suited for the needs of your business and which might not be the best. This can be done through the use of the loans and all that comes with them. The good, the bad and the ugly need to all be laid side by side to find out if they provide you with a bit of everything that is needed.

Make the right selection for a better tomorrow.

Traditional Banks Loans

When you compare loans, make sure to consider many factors. Traditional bank loans can take months to get, and even up to a month to hear anything back on whether or not you actually qualify for the loan. This is something to consider when the time comes to obtain a loan. You want to work with a loan company that is going to give you financing when you actually need it, not in the near future.

Traditional bank loans go off of your credit score for whether or not you’re approved to even get the loan. This is a big consideration for many to make if they have bad credit. You might not even qualify to obtain the loan from a banking institution.

You have to physically go to the bank to obtain the loan. This is something that a lot of business owners just don’t have time for. This is why when you compare loans, the traditional bank loan doesn’t stack up very well as a great option for business owners.

Cash Advance Loans

Cash advance loans
are a quick, easy and great method for obtaining financing when it comes to having overhead costs that need to be covered. Not only can you get an answer about your application within two days, but you can get the entire loan within a week. Have everything you need in a few days from start to finish without having to worry about anything in the process. They have everything that you need to have covered without worrying about cash advances in the end.

Credit score for cash advances when you compare loans are only used for your interest rate and percentage paid to the lender. They’re not used on whether or not you qualify for the loan. This means just about everyone is approved for a business loan through an advance.

You can do everything to apply for the cash advance right online. There is no need to run around or meet with a lot of people. Just sit in your office, take a few minutes to answer the questions on the application and you’re off to obtain the necessary funding. It is just that easy to get everything started and ready to go.
Here is a list of some of the pros and cons found in Merchant Cash Advance.

Now is your chance to compare loans and find the right one for the business expenses you need to have covered. Never worry about not having everything you need right there with you. You can make the most of the loans through the right lender.


We provide two highly accessible financing programs that can get your business the working capital it needs in days instead of months.

For a small business, obtaining a traditional loan today is a complex and difficult process. That’s where Premier Business Capital comes in. 

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