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Sunday, 20 July 2014 00:00

How to deal with a bad boss?

Employees often get uncomfortable in the job and the common reason is bad management. A bad boss can transform an efficient working environment into an unpleasant workplace. Since the managers or bosses have a power to terminate the employees thus often they misuse this authority. There is an uneven power distribution so its very essential to have good relations with the boss.  power imbalance is why a good relationship with your manager is so important.

There are many ways you can adapt to be at the safe point to deal with the manager and it can also make him equally happy as you are really not a problematic person for him.

1. Ask your boss to arrange a meeting in which he should clear all of his demands and expectations that he want from his colleagues, employees and workers. Listen to it carefully and make a list priority wise. Those expectations are your aims and objectives that you have to fulfil by hook or by crook. Execute a very different, impressive and disciplined way to work over there.

2. Though it is not the right way, yet it exists as a reality that an incompetent boss puts his own responsibilities and tasks over the shoulders of his workers. There is no need to refuse there and then but with the reply that it's not in your capacity to deal with the managerial issues. Its truly your choice to do it or refuse it. Make sure that if doing this helps you for your future success, then its not a big deal but again its your own choice to adjust the things in right order. with goals and action steps for your responsibilities. e this approach because

3. Work in harmony with your boss. Your attitude should not be aggressive nor it is suitable to show yourself to be over efficient. Help him sincerely to obtain the joint goals of the company. But your efforts must not show him that you are even more hardworking and capable as compared to him. It damages the relationship to a large extent. Don't pose that things are working just because of yourself, but it is a team work that is making the road smooth for productive business. 

4. Don't backbite your boss to your colleagues and friends in the office. Sometimes the same colleagues can multiply your troubles when the things are going against you. Keep your negative feelings to yourself and try to handle the bad situations personally. Complaining cannot solve the problem but it helps others to pick out your weakness. Be a real professional instead of an average short tempered worker.

5. If you are new to any business, ask your colleagues and coworkers frequently about the nature, likes and dislikes of your boss. Find out their experiences in working with them. Make your vision broad to handle the circumstances by your own unique way. 

6. If something wrong happens, don't start a kind of fight that you do with your rank fellows. He is indeed a leader and you have to respect him in any situation. Fighting back with harsh words can make him even more furious. Though you are frustrated, yet it's not your time to blow out all of your hidden fury. You can approach him in some other time and show him all the reality if you are not wronged. You are securing a fine and trustful relationship in a long run.

A boss-employee relation is an official one, as it embodies less emotions and more responsibilities. It can be an exemplary relation if it is based on respect, care, trust and patience. By this you not only get your personal benefits but your company can also flourish by leaps and bounds.

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Organizations are run by the number of people with different moods and attitudes. Though the leader or a boss wants to maintain the environment pleasant so that everyone may focus on the productivity but conflicts among the employees are often unavoidable.
Differences of opinion, jealousy, pressure of work and sometimes bad mood make the environment tough. So a boss has to interrupt in the situation to tackle it and help the employees to go back to work.

As they influence the business health, so its quite essential to take measurements to avoid conflicts. It can be resolved by applying a series of thoughtfully applied steps.

1. As the leader of a team, your objective should be to resolve the issue instead of defending one party. Discourage party making approach in the office, and as far as the boss or a leader of the crew is concerned, he must be neutral in all circumstances. Party-culture leads to the politics and there is nothing more harmful to the business's backbone other than politics amongst employees.

2. Handle the issues as soon as possible. Solve it as soon as it starts, as stitch in a time saves nine. Either sides wait for the other to admit the mistake but no one is willing to do so. Before the problem elongates, the third party should intervene and remain neutral all the way.

3. The vital reason of the conflict is the upswing of mood by tension, anxiety, load of work or anger. What happens to the next? Obviously no one is ready to understand each other. When such a worse situation arises, its better to stay calm and silent rather than arguing and making the picture worse. Keeping calm is a golden tip to handle the situation.

4. Sometimes you don't understand the situation and start quarreling over the normal things. Let the other person to talk about the situation. If you are having a phone call with him, invite him on a coffee to talk face to face. It helps in clarification of misunderstanding.

5. If you are a second party in the conflict, apologize for "playing" your part in the issue. Apologise doesn't mean that you certainly have done a dreadful mistake but it's a simple way to play your part in making the things clear. It also projects your strong character to ignore, instead of sticking to the problem and creating tension in the environment.

If you know the easy tricks to understand the conflict resolution, you are a real professional on your behalf and you know the skills to tackle stressful situations in your team. It will bring you honour and respect and your employees will feel blessed to work under your supervision.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014 00:00

Benefits of keeping business records

Keeping business records is a very important task for stable and established businesses. It can be in the form of documents or a single document, or simply the set of files or folders present in the book shelf. The record in itself comprises the past development or rate of profit or loss, business meeting schedules, business trip details, contracts with different companies, financial input, employees bio data  and so on.

The apparent reason of keeping records is to retrieve data and information whenever required with no time delay. Similarly the personal bio data of workers and the annual income details is a matter of secrecy so such records shouldn't be approached by anyone.

Keeping the records of business growth comes with number of benefits. Few of them are mentioned below:-

1. Keeping a record is a simple, easy and cheap way to monitor the progress of your business. They can show whether your company is getting firm position or losing the status among the number of other companies, which products and services are selling and most demanded by the customers, what are areas where you have to make innovation in the product. There is no other way to get complete idea of your business more accurately and immediately.

2. Records keeps you quite well informed about the financial position of your business. You can better know where your business stands amongst your business rivals. The strengths and weaknesses are clearly portrayed before you to execute a wholesome decision for future.

3. It stops you from being extravagant. As you know that which angle of your business needs greater working capital and which area is already working good. You can also compare the current situation of profit to the previous circumstances.

4. Well maintained records may help in tax auditing too. It saves auditor's time to take out the stuff and sort it out.
If your company is selected for an audit, the record manager would be asked to produce records. The tax auditor can quickly check the records and creates a genuine statement in good mood.

5. An up to date database is a very helpful source in record keeping process. Database management, now a days, has made it a simple task to keep big and variety of records dealing with every important aspect of your business. It comes with recording solutions as well to clear the problems of user. It helps to take the whole data of specific business, digitalize it and arrange in most professional manner and keep if safely.

Old ways of keeping records is not much welcomed today. Modern computer systems are used for this purpose which provide reliable and big data storage. It doesn't require paper works, large place for data storage and big span of time in searching. Having records that are complete and well organized multiplies the strength of a business.

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Sunday, 06 July 2014 00:00

Being the boss everyone would like

To lead a business or a company or to be a very good boss is a tough job to do. Its a fact that employees and working staff of team really don't want a strict and rude boss and similarly you will also not wish to be a boss who is hated disliked by the team members. Almost all the people want to follow a person who is hardworking, flexible and productive as well. And being a boss like that is a golden key for a successful business.

Therefore, if you want to become an amazing boss, make sure that you have almost all the following features:

1. Communicate softly and clearly. Being harsh is not a tip to be a good boss but affects your whole business environment oppositely. Judge your workers well and don't describe their weaknesses and bad efficiency in a meeting but you can discuss their areas if strength in a gathering to encourage them. Provide them a feedback with nice words. Good communication is a tool that helps you to confront you in every kind of situation whether your business thoroughly having a progress or going through bad times.

2. Acknowledge their potentials, hard work and the productivity they are offering to boost up the name of your product or service. When you are having a successful business, let them know that how much they have done to reach this day, announce publicly their efforts and contributions. You can also encourage them by giving them monthly or annual bonus or by arranging a dinner or tea party. Motivate them and they will multiply their efficiency next time.

3. Help them in career development by arranging learning programs and workshops. It makes them to be clear and focused about job descriptions and they can search out a best way to fulfill their duties. They will thus not only consider you a boss but a real leader, who takes every step for the betterment of every individual.

4. Don't be rigid enough, expect innovations and change in method of perceiving things and completing their tasks. Moreover, bring positive changes in yourself too. If your previous team members are less serious about their job, keep a strict eye over the new ones to avoid the previous situation. Make a better relationship with the new staff as compared to old ones. Build the relationship on the foundation of trust and harmony.

5. Generate a light and pleasant atmosphere at your workplace. Your team must not get bored in working with you. Constantly seek the ways to satisfy them and create excitement in them to work with enthusiasm. Arrange one day trip to a hill station, historical place or even to a beach. It helps the employees to drift near, communicate and create harmonious relationship with each other that causes happiness in workplace.

The fundamental values of a successful boss depends upon his professional attitude, communication skills, steadfastness and patience. All there characteristics make him a real leader and a great boss liked by everyone.

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Sunday, 06 July 2014 00:00

How to hire efficient employees?

Hiring the right employee is a daunting task indeed. It affects your business badly when you have hired a wrong person to your workplace. Hiring the right candidate means you haven't wasted your time in searching the best professional for your company. Moreover, it repays you the better productivity and his presence becomes profitable to whole business as well as the other coworkers.

Since it is a challenging job to select individuals among the huge number of people who have applied for job, yet here are few important tips that you should keep in mind if you are associated with the process of selection.

1. Before the job vacancies are going to be announced, draw a recruitment plan. The old employees who are quite experienced and trained now should be the part of this plan. In the meeting, the recruiting strategy is planned that depends upon the rules and regulations of the company.

2. When the vacancies are announced and people started applying for the posts, read the application forms clearly. Make the list of applicants that have most demanded features like skills, experience, background and qualification etc. according to your recruitment plan. Don't be too hasty to complete this task but invest fresh time over it as it is going to pay you back very soon.

3. Interview many people instead of choosing the first candidate you like. Even if you won't be amused in inquiring most of them but you must have to talk to the maximum. It will help you to go through the diverse characteristics.

4. Don't portray a tough image of your company, offer flexibility to attract them. Your workers are if getting your desired goals and they are simply available when needed ought to be offered at least relaxation and flexible environment to work in. As a matter of fact, even a very outstanding and productive worker can feel bored and tired in a difficult environment.

5. Make the expectations and hopes quite clear that you have from your staff. Fresh employees sometimes don't know what is expected of them, what energy they have to add into work and by which measurements they are going to be judged. how they will be measured, or with whom they will work the most. Instead of wasting your time in testing their abilities, make them aware of what they are going to do for you.

6. Setup a training program for the new employees. It is not suitable to throw them into a difficult job with a tough schedule. He is simply unable to start up with such a big challenges even if he is working too hard. A good employer feels no shame in investing upon the new workers.

Hiring qualified and capable employees is an art but also requires certain skills that are mentioned above. You have to be a good observer, a patient listener, and above all you must have an intuition to distinguish between those who simply want to do job for handsome salary and those who can make the job accomplished for you.

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Different businesses use variety of strategies to increase profit and minimize loss. The strategies are based upon the provided business capital, partnership, weaknesses and  strengths. Regardless of what techniques a company applies and how much time and money it invests, sometimes it faces the loss and that with critically demolishes the company's positions which is a bit difficult to regain.

There are following important clues that help a lot to reduce business loss. They are applied to business of almost every size and nature.

1. Add the variety new and innovative products and services in your company. It will reduce the customer's monotony and they will feel enthusiastic in practising new stuff. It will keep customers coming back to your shop to get exciting products. It is quite essential to consider that the demand and wish of the people must be considered seriously when launching a new product or innovating an old one. It brings a confirmed profit and chances of business loss is minimized.

2. Make use of modern technology that exclusively saves time, money and energy. Using a new piece of technology brings the amazing and wonderful outcomes and the users often regret over the past that why they were unaware of such an advantageous stuff. For example you can replace the manual register system by computerized systems, digital cash counting system, computer databases instead of manual records etc.

3. Apply low price strategies. Customers come with different pocket size as some can afford a particular product and some cannot. When customers can get their desired products with all the same characteristics and functions at very low rates, they prefer using them. competitive prices, companies catering to these customers may adopt the low-price strategy. It is observed that the demand for such product is very large as compared to high priced services so when a huge number of customers buy this stuff, the overall profit is enormous.

4. Optimize your website in an attractive way. Search engine optimization is a very helpful tool to increase traffic of users to view your product brand and get the related information. For example get your website optimized only for the simplest and fewer keywords which have high number of searches. A smart web promotion is a magical way to multiply your profit.

5. Treat your business a business, not as a hobby or a side job. Stay quite focused and keen about the working plan that you are following to run profitable business. If that plan is for example not working, immediately change it with a superior one. Keep a strict check and balance over the input and output if the business.

Keeping a business 100% profitable is a daunting task no doubt as it requires a great deal of time, investment, energy and a number of professionals but when it returns with a huge profit and good name amongst the business competitors, it makes your company really exemplary.

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Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00

Different ways to brand your business

Branding is a simple way of promoting your products and services and getting your audience to consider you as the only one that provides an easy solution to their problem. The objectives of a good brand may include that the message is delivered clearly, it must confirm your credibility, motivates your customers for further buying and not only satisfies your customers but also create loyalty in them for your products.

Branding a product can look like a very difficult task but some of the easiest strategies are found to be the most successful when it is thought to have a brand loyalty of the customers. Following are few simple ways to promote your product amongst the people:

1. A brand that just appears very stunning and attractive and a brand that you deliver to the people must be quite same. There shouldn't be the quality difference at least. Your brand  should be based on what your customer demands and expects you to come with, and not essentially what it apparently looks like. It doesn't portray  your personal choices and emotions as well but should express the likes and demands of people.

3. Set the predefined values and disciplines in getting your brand to work across the entire business environment. It makes your clients as well as the working staff and employees quite clear about the fact that what are the rules and regulations of your brand setup and the things you simply don't compromise.

4. Instead of being a general type of businessman, be a thought leader and trend setter. Put your time into understanding the market spectrum inside out and outside in. Once you know your the facts on real grounds, develop an outlook and stand with it.     Presenting yourself as a thought leader is a simple strategy to build your brand name, credibility, attraction for the large number of customers and at last attain the loyalty of brand users.

5. Building brand loyalty is not an easy thing to happen, it takes time. If you are standing in the competition of several other brands, learn how other companies run their products. Search out their strong and weak practices so you can apply them for your upcoming projects. But it must not be the stealing of ideas, you have to put your own ideas and imagination into real practices.

6. Be creative enough to experiment out a new stuff. Host a refreshing look of a new product or service you are going to offer. Try to be the best at what your brand offers. Thinking about all the feedback and complaints and striving to do outstanding will make your brand really promising.

There is no single secret ingredient that makes your brand succeed over another. All the above tips are when merged with hard work, professionalism and time management, one can indeed emerge out with the winning stuff.

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Franchising is a very common method when someone wants to start a business. It is particularly important for those who try to workout in a highly competitive industries. The biggest advantage of purchasing a franchise is that you have got a direct approach to a settled and recognized company's brand name. It defines that you do not need to spend further revenue to get the good name for your products and services and to market it successfully among the people.

Franchising is a key to make your business highly successful, dynamic and profitable. But there are some common mistakes that sometimes come across in franchising. They are the little things that are ignored to take into account that can have huge results. Some of these mistakes are mentioned below:-

1. Franchisor may help you with a site selection to analyze your market advance, but it is still your responsibility to select an appropriate and promising location for you. It is very essential to decide the market for the promotion of your products and services. If wrong site is selected, all the work of employees, a huge amount of working capital and exclusive business ideas just go in vain simply because of a single mistake.

2. Sometimes franchisers have no clear objectives of the franchising activity that may leads to a disorganized work plan. Being less focused, there is no outstanding result of the investment of working capital and tiresome work of related people.

3. People often don't feel welcomed by their unsatisfactory guidance and insufficient suggestions. As they are not comfortable with the franchise services so they don't put their confidence in the services they offer. This happens due to lack of communication and unsympathetic attitude of the franchisers.

4. They mostly don't go for legal advice with is indeed a big mistake to consider.The legal advice helps a franchise association in understanding the terms and rules of legal documents. If you do not understand the legal processes and documentation of the franchise, you are then really creating a trouble for you in the near future.

5. Planning is key to a successful franchised business. Design a proper business plan before getting started and never forget to work accordingly. Make sure that you have a detailed manual description for your business setup that goes step by step towards the supreme success and utmost profit.

6. Sometimes you have an inaccurate information of the franchise legal agreement to be signed. There can also be few documents other than the written agreement that are to be signed. So there is a desperate need of a careful review of the franchise agreement. The documents related to marketing, real state and working capital must be signed after reading all the terms and conditions carefully.

There are many reasons that give rise to the small mistakes that are though small yet enough for business downfall. The biggest of all the mistakes is not to confirm the reasons for failed franchises. Contact some franchises that are closed as they get flopped or sold. Meet the old franchise owners and get their stories. Read the articles related to outclass franchising to get help and by this you can surely get rid of the mistakes that affect franchise activity.

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Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00

5 ways to stay focused on productivity

Business spectrum is all about presenting, innovating and improving the products and services. Similarly sorting out and solving the problems that come across while dealing with a specific issue the organization is confronting in order to maximize productivity. For this purpose you need to take an efficient strategy into account that will make your business yield greater level of profit.

Therefore, you need to work over different steps to boost up your productivity level. There are following main steps that are employee-based and suitably work for almost all kinds of businesses.

1. Check the performance of your working staff, employees and related people that influence your business directly or indirectly. Suggest them to over other plans if one is not working. Resolve their problems and provide them with the stuff they are in need of. Interaction with the workers displays your deep concern with the business profit and it will make them to work wholeheartedly to show best of their abilities. Give them extra bonus and reward them for their work. You can arrange a small meeting where you encourage them by inspiring words.

2. Setting the new goals and objectives depending upon the needs and demands of the customers can help you to multiply the business outcome. The goals and expectations from the coworkers must be clear and easy to understand. It is indeed an important technique to clear all of rules and regulations in order to avoid misunderstanding that may lead to several other problems.

3. Motivate employees with respect and honor and make sure that they have individual choices, needs and requirements. So be flexible and dynamic in understanding that they don't have the same spirit of doing work and same enthusiasm all the time. Take them for outing and for recreation so that they may get revived to work energetically and forger their personal troubles that affect their work.

4. Internet and social media can be a powerful tool for your business. Providing your employees with uninterrupted access to the Internet can be a real productivity source. They spend most if their time using Facebook, Skype, Twitter, eBay etc as compared to their personal job hence you can make them use the same media for marketing and expressing your product's specialty and making people aware of its benefits. This can help your business to earn the greater viewership.

5. You must need thi focus on the tasks and areas that will translate into profitable business. Don't get distracted by the unimportant issues that waste your time, energy and working capital. In other words you need to set your priorities in right order.  ’ll want to focus on those tasks or activities that you know translate into profits and that only you are capable of doing. Do your best to screen out distractions while doing them, focusing on one thing at a time.

Running a profitable business can be a challenging task especially when there is a lot of competition. Following these suggestions is sure to have a strong effect on business productivity.

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