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Making it Simple How ACH loans work with MCA

What are ACH loans and how do they function with Merchant Cash Advance? This might be the question that is plaguing the business owner’s mind at the moment if the business owner is looking for a way to attain financial capital to advance their business. This article is just for them. But before more information is given about these loans, the business owner should understand what Merchant Cash Advance is. Through this article, we will take a look at what Merchant Cash Advance is, what ACH loans are, and how they both work together in the financial realm.


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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is one of the most advanced ways of attaining financial capital for business owners today. They have risen to their current position due to the dawn of the internet age and the spite that business owners feel towards banks has also risen. This site has been created due to the bank's’ refusal to modify their system in accordance with today’s world.

Their bureaucratic system, tied up with their tediousness and the several restrictions that they impose upon business owners is the reason why Merchant Cash Advance was created in the first place. To undo the injustice done by the monopolizing power of banks, business owners have been forced to start their own financial venture. One that is created especially for the ease of business owners brought to them by business owners themselves.

Merchant Cash Advance uses various creative methods like ACH loans to process the finances that go through its entire system to always stay ahead of the curve and make it much easier for lenders and business owners to come together and conduct financial exchanges in exactly the same way as business deals. What it does is that it allows business owners to negotiate their own terms with independent lenders and then come up with their own agreed upon method of repayment. This repayment can be done by many methods including credit card transactions of pre-agreed upon portions of the business owner’s future credit card sales with the help of ACH withholding as well.

What are ACH loans?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a nationwide electronic network that is used for all kinds of financial transactions throughout the United States. It was designed to process a large amount of credit and debit transactions in many batches. Today, they are used in everything from insurance premiums, mortgage loans, consumer payments, in fact, they are used in every kind of payments and as well as in point of the purchase check conversion program. Their speedy process and ease of service has made them perfect partners of MCA.


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ACH loans with Merchant Cash Advance

As we already know that Merchant Cash Advance incorporates in itself the latest ways to make the transactions between the business owners and the independent lending company easy. And so, besides the normal credit card transactions, Merchant Cash Advance also uses ACH in its repayment process.

In ACH withholding, the finance company gets all the credit card processing information of the business owner and regularly deducts its portion from the account via ACH. This process continues until the payment is made.

And so, this is the way ACH loans work with Merchant Cash Advance to make the process easier, safer and much faster in its processing.

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What You Should Know About Capital Cash Loans 2017

If you’re starting your own business or you’re looking for funding options to keep your company thriving, you’ve probably heard of capital cash loans. These loans will offer you a personal or business line of credit that you can use to purchase equipment or pay off bills that need to be current in order for your company to be in good standing. Capital loans can also be approved online in many cases these days, and the convenience of the approval process makes them especially appealing to business owners.

However, it’s important to remember that capital cash loans come with a price. In many cases, your business or personal credit will need to be in good standing before you can even be considered for a loan. If your score is not high enough, you won’t get approved, and if you apply for several loans in a short period of time, your credit score could be affected even more due to the number or credit inquiries that will appear on your report. If credit is not the only criteria that are used for approval, you may be required to use some of your most valuable equipment as collateral. This may not be the best idea for a new business, because if business is slow, you may have to give up your equipment, which makes it even more difficult to get your company back in the black.

If you’ve considered capital cash loans and decided that this may not be the best choice for your company, it may be time to think about merchant cash advances (MCAs). There are several reasons that a MCA is a wise financial choice for your company. One of the main reasons that a MCA could work for you is that you won’t have to go through a credit evaluation for approval. This means you’ll have time to repair your score on your own terms, and you won’t have to worry if you don’t have an extensive credit history if your company is fairly new. You also won’t have to give up any items for collateral, so you don’t have the stress of having your equipment being taken away if you can’t fulfill all the terms of a traditional loan.

When you apply for can MCA, you’ll need to tell the loan company what your goals are for the money. This is a little different from capital cash loans since your credit is not the focus. You’ll also need to describe what you’ve done with your business so far, and your future goals for your company. The cash advance company needs to know that you’re going to be responsible for the advance you’re getting. When it’s time to repay the loan, you’ll arrange to have a portion of your debit or credit card payments go to the cash advance company. This helps you to keep your business budget organized, so you can avoid going into debt.

Consult with your financial advisors to find the best merchant cash advance company for you.

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What are the best funding for business options available for merchants

Every business owners will find a need funding for business at some point or the other either to keep the business going or for expansion purposes. A steady inflow of cash or having a strong financial backup is required to keep the business operations running smoothly. However, huge financial gaps can sometimes result in the closure of business, and hence small businesses often look outside for funding help to fill the gaps in the cash-flow. Today merchant often gets confused in selecting funding for business with so many funding options available on the market. In the current economic conditions, the financial market offers numerous funding options to extend help to various types of businesses. However, it is up to the business owner to choose the one that best suits the funding requirements of the company. There is few type of loan structures that are mostly availed by the merchants to fill the financial gaps in the business. Merchants prefer only those type of funding options that are flexible, collateral free and can be availed quickly with minimal documentation. The two popular funding for business options available for small businesses on the market is merchant loans and merchant cash advances. Now let us see and discuss what these two funding options are and how they are different in terms and application.

What is a Merchant?

A merchant is a business owner that is engaged in the trade of commodities for both commercial and industrial use. The businesses run by merchants involve sales, cash flow, profit and revenue and the business owners are considered as experts in selling and reselling the commodities. There are two types of merchants; retail merchants and wholesale merchants. Retail merchants sell the products directly to the customers using retail stores, websites or ecommerce platforms. Whereas wholesalers sell products to retailers and often act as a middleman between the manufacturer and the retailer. Now coming to the funding for business part, why do merchants need financing? Sufficient funding is crucial for any business to grow and flourish. Adequate cash flow will help the businesses to take care of growth opportunities that may arise in the course of business conduct. There are two types of loans that are popular among small business merchants; merchant loans and merchant cash advance loans.

A merchant loan is any financing that is advanced to the borrowing business with a promise to fully repay the same. The main features of the merchant loan are; monthly fixed installments, interest charges, and prepayment penalties. However, merchant loans take longer to fund and sometimes take weeks to months to get approved.

A merchant cash advance, on the other hand, offers funding for business that is in need of some quick funds for emergencies. The lender advances lump sum cash to the merchant in exchange for the future credit card sales of the company at a discounted price. The cash advance is repaid as a percentage of daily sales that are holding back by the merchant account provider. Much small business owners consider merchant cash advance to merchant loans as these can be availed quickly with less documentation and is free from collateral and fixed monthly installments. Apply for a merchant cash advance today if you are looking for quick funding for business.

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Why should Small businesses avail cash advances from Merchant lenders

Are you unable to avail traditional financing for your small business funding needs? Is it taking too long for approval process? If so, then it is time to turn to alternative funding solutions for your business. Today there are many funding solutions offered by non-bank merchant lenders that are highly flexible and can be chosen based on your funding requirements. May it be raising capital for your business or paying off an existing debt or acquiring a new asset, non-bank funding solutions help you to avail funds quickly and easily and aim at helping you to grow and prosper. There are business loans, cash advances, factoring and bills discounting to help you avail some quick funds to run your business smoothly.

Business loans are easily approved when you provide lenders with the required financial details of your business, a realizable business plan, and collateral to secure the loan. Moreover, the majority of business loans consider a credit score of the business owner as one of the important factors to approve the loan. It is not possible for all small businesses to provide collaterals to secure the loan which prevents them from applying for business loans when there is urgent need of funds. Lack of funds may often result in low credit score or bad credit of the business due to failure or delayed payments made to creditors and financial institutions. A bad credit often results in disapproval of business loan as it reflects the inability of the business owner to repay the loan.

Fortunately, cash advances provided by merchant lenders offer great relief to small businesses when in need of some urgent funds to conduct the business. Cash advances offered by the lenders are collateral free and can be availed even by the businesses with bad or low credit. The merchant cash advance is not a loan, but cash advanced to the business for selling a percentage of future sales at a discounted price. The cash advance availed is later paid back over a period in the form of small payments realized from credit card sales which are fixed percentage of daily sales.

Cash advances provided by the lenders help business owners not only to get the cash needed quickly and efficiently but also help the business grow by helping them to act on the growth opportunity in the right time. The cash received from the merchant lenders can be used for any business purpose, unlike traditional bank loan funds which can be used only for few specific purposes. The funds can be used for settling past debts, purchasing inventory, hiring new employees, buying new equipment or marketing and promotional activities of the business.

Applying for a cash advance from merchant lenders is easy, and internet is the best place to search lender that best suits your funding requirements. Small businesses can take advantage of merchant cash advances to develop and expand the existing business by availing required funds quickly with less documentation. Apply for merchant cash advance online today.

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Merchant Cash Advance has become some of the biggest focus of the business world, as the best loan companies, in the twenty-first century today. Even though banks still remain on the top, Merchant Cash Advance’s influence is only rising, while banks are predicted to fall in the near future. This is because, alongside, Merchant Cash Advance, many other electronic financial institutions have been rising since a couple of years. And due to the explosion of technology in our society and how fast the virtual world is invading all aspects of our lives today, an archaic Institute like a bank is soon to fall.

So, in this article, we will look at today’s and the near future’s best loan companies in the world of commerce today. We will make notes about the banking institutions first, about their rise, and reason for this eminent fall. Then we will talk about Crowd funding, where it has come from, and where it will go. And finally, we will talk about Merchant Cash Advance and why we believe it is the best one among them.

The banks

Banks have been the ruling financial world institution for over a few hundred years. They have been largely responsible for how our financial world and even money works today. The big central banks create money themselves, earlier, money used to be backed up by gold. And so, it was stable, and its changes used to be predictable. But today, money is not backed up by anything, and that is exactly why it is called ‘Floating currency’.

Banks hold the power to issue money in debt. Debt is today’s money. This is because all the money that is submitted to the banks is considered just ten percent of what they actually use to give out debt. The rest of the money is just momentarily generated as debt. This means that every time you take a loan from a bank, the money that you attained never existed before the bank gave it to you. But you will have to pay for it with your money along with interest.

Banks have been the best loan companies in the world largely because they hold a stagnant monopoly over the whole institution themselves. But, this stagnation and inability to change with times are also predicted to be the bane of all banks. As the free market as the internet developed, banks seem to be incorporating it in them. But, this new tool, gave rise to many other potentially challenging financial institutions to banks. And now, they are all reaching a stage where they are likely to make banks completely obsolete, and this is because of another technological disruption, which is called Blockchain.

Crowd funding

Crowd Funding, as the name suggests, is the way through which you can attain finance for your cause through individual donations of thousands of people over the internet. Until now, this institution has been limited to largely smaller groups over the internet. But in the last couple of years, it has built up steam and is now become one of the best loan companies in the world.  They have already raised enough money to fund countless businesses and have helped people get initial investments for their causes.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance or MCA, in our opinion, is one of the best loan companies in the market today. While it is certainly better than banks, with a completely transparent system of interface and a fast track process that is specially designed to help businesses, it is also more established than all other new financial institutions we have talked about so far. It is already used by hundreds of business owners. Plus, it helps advance many great businesses and lets them get the financial help they want.

In Merchant Cash Advance, you get working capital in a lump sum amount in exchange for a pre-agreed portion of your future credit card or debit card sales. This portion is deducted every time your customer makes a purchase from you.

MCA is one of the best small business funding options today since it comprises of short payment terms, which is generally less than 2 years. Moreover, since the business owner pays back the MCA provider every day through its regular credit card sales, the business owner can pay off the amount within a short duration depending on the output of their business. This allows business owners to repay the amount according to their business sales, that is, when the sales are more the pay back is more, but when the sales are less the pay back is also less. In contrast, traditional bank loans ask for larger payments every month, along with longer payment terms.

Furthermore, there are not many qualifications to obtain a merchant cash advance. The MCA provider just looks at your regular credit card sales’ receipts and the term of your business in order to ensure that you can pay off the advance amount. On the other hand, conventional bank loans have a host of eligibility pointers, such as the credit history, credit score, capital, etc. of the business.

Merchant Cash Advance also has incredible potential to advance as the technology changes and the world evolves. MCA can easily adapt to Blockchain technology and completely avoid the role of bank transactions entirely. This is because the work of deducting the portion of your credit card sales can also be done through Blockchain in a much more advanced way.

Thus, merchant cash advance is the best loan company in 2017. As a small business owner, you should certainly opt for MCA in order to fund your business within no time.

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Key Pros and Cons of Merchant Funding

pros and cons

Every form of business funding has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you borrow a business loan, it is important that you understand the benefits and constraints that such a commitment might have on your business. Understanding these things might mean the failure or survival of your business in the long run.

Merchant funding is one of the most popular forms of business financing today. Despite the appealing features of this form of business funding, there are some disadvantages that you should also consider.


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Advantages of Merchant Funding  

•    Disregards credit records

Merchant loan providers rarely consider your credit score before lending. In fact, even business with bad credit can get funding from merchant cash providers, as long as they meet the other requirements.

•    Simple and fast application process

This is one of the most appealing aspects of this kind of funding. You can apply for the business loan from a merchant cash advance online. The rigorous vetting, as is often the case with banks, is not there. Once the providers are satisfied your business can repay the advance through credit card transactions, then the application is almost done.

Once your business qualifies for funding, the money is processed into the business account within the shortest time possible, sometimes even hours.

•    Flexible loans

Merchant funding terms have fewer restrictions compared to bank loans. The lender can offer your business small amount of cash considered too low by banks. Also, you can use the money on any business operations you wish.

Concerning repayment, the lender only deducts an agreed upon percentage of future credit sales. Repayments vary in response to your credit sales volume hence, you do not need to worry about meeting deadlines.

•    No collateral needed

Merchant funding providers back their money on the future credit sales of your business. Therefore, you will not lose your personal or business assets in case your business fails to pay back.


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Disadvantages of Merchant Funding

•    High-interest rates

Funding providers charge higher interest rates than the other financial institutions. This is due to the higher risks associated with this method of financing, including such as lack of collateral and higher approval rates.

•    Customers are not encouraged to make cash payments

Encouraging your customers to use the cash payment option instead of their credit cards can be regarded as breaching the lending contract.

•    Switching credit card processing companies

Funding providers will also prohibit making a switch to another credit card processor to protect their interests. This is despite your satisfaction with the credit card processor that you might be using at that moment.

It is important to understand that terms of contract vary from one merchant funding provider to another. Therefore, you should review attractive merchant cash providers carefully before you choose the one you’ll use.


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Merchant Advance Express

Today, various methods of business funding are emerging rapidly. These developments are basically supported by the technological advances being made in the society daily. As a result, most business owners are looking for methods of financing their business in an easy, flexible, and fast manner.

Merchant cash advance is one form of obtaining business funding almost instantly. There are relatively few requirements for you to get a merchant cash advance express.

Requirements to Apply for Merchant Cash Advance

Something that disturbs every business person looking for financing options is whether they qualify. With MCAs, you do not have to worry about that issue very much. To qualify for a merchant advance express, ensure your business:

•    accepts debit/credit card transactions

•    has some credit card transactions history

•    has tax ID, and that

•    you have a social security number among other essential documentation.

Once you have these requirements ready, you can begin applying for a merchant cash advance any moment.

How long does it take to Obtain Merchant Cash Advance?

Considering what you require to apply for a MCA, it is evident that the process is quite easy. What you have not realized yet is how fast the process can be, from applying for the advance to having the money in your business bank account.

Stating that you can receive merchant advance express is not an exaggeration. The time taken to have the advance approved and processed into your business account can be just a few hours or at most a few days, usually a week. The duration that you will wait for the merchant advance will depend on the business and personal paperwork, among other details. Once the application process has been approved, the funds can be in your account within a very short time.  

The speed of acquiring this form of financing for your business is also supported by the fact that majority of MCA providers operate primarily online. Therefore, you can apply for the merchant advance express from the comfort of your office. You don’t need to visit your MCA provider premises to make the necessary arrangements. Once the MCA provider determines the validity and ability of your business to repay the loan, the money is almost in your account.    

Steps to Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance

The following simple steps should guide you on how to get the merchant advance express provider:

1.    Research for a suitable MCA provider and their requirements

2.    Prepare the requirements, especially your business and personal documentation

3.    Establish a credit card processing system if you do not have one

4.    Apply for the cash advance

5.    Provide the documentations

6.    Get approved

7.    Receive the funding

As you can see from the process, you can easily get merchant advance express if you are adequately prepared. You also need to realize that the rates for a MCA can be relatively higher than if you choose a bank loan. The rates also differ significantly, depending on the provider you choose to use.  

Always ensure that the return on your investment outlook is positive before committing to any form of business financing.

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The Ultimate Source of Business Cash in Advance

Most business owners tend to focus on obtaining funding from banks and other high street lenders. Naturally, a business owner will look for a financing option because they need cash in advance to urgently fulfill their business’ needs. Unfortunately for the entrepreneurs who over rely on banks, these financial institutions have made it nearly impossible to borrow cash to fulfill their business’ financing needs. This has resulted from implementation of strict and standardized credit scoring systems.

Other alternatives have thus become necessary means of acquiring business cash, the most effective one being merchant cash advances.


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Why Business Cash in Advance?

Businesses, especially the small ones, always require cash to cover various costs. These costs might include purchasing new equipment, hiring more staff, carrying out renovations or marketing among other things.

If your business is in need of cash and a bank rejects your application for a loan, you might think that the enterprise is in danger of collapsing. This is however not the case if you know about merchant cash advance.


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Why Merchant Cash Advance the Best Alternative for Business Cash in Advance?

Cash advances are by far the quickest and easiest alternative if you need business cash in comparison to the traditional bank loans. A merchant cash advance is a form of an unsecured source of funding available to your enterprise and based on the future debit or credit card sales that you make. This financing option is suitable to all your business cash needs since most providers do not limit the amount that you can borrow. The option can be used to finance any of your business needs without any restrictions, as long as your credit card transactions history indicates that your business is strong enough to make repayments.  

Merchant cash advance is also repaid in a very flexible manner, usually through a pre-agreed percentage or portion of the card transactions your business makes. This repayment method is effective in ensuring that your business has cash in advance at all times since it does not your cash flow and issues like late payments are non-existent in this case.

The option is also ideal in acquiring business cash, particularly if your business is seasonal and that the cash flow is not so strong during low seasons. This is because you are required to make repayments for the advance relative to the income that your business generates. Since merchant advances are normally unsecured, the risk of losing your business assets is also non-existent.  

The best thing about merchant cash advances is that you can get the business cash without a good credit rating score and in a very short time; often less than a week in most providers.

Where some lenders will keep you forever wondering whether your loan has been approved or not, you will already have your cash in advance financing your business operations if you use merchant cash advance provider.  

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The Inner workings of Merchant Advance in 2017

Business owners will tell you that merchant advance loans are possibly the best method of attaining any kind of business finance today. This is because, in recent times, loans from banks have fallen from grace and have become very difficult for business owners to enjoy the same level of commitment they did a hundred years ago.

The working of banks have gone from being innovative to being restrictive, and that stops you from making use of the money that you obtain from them in any other way than what was agreed upon. They have also turned their system to something that is very difficult for business owners to get into due to the bureaucratic system and their insistence of asking for a good credit history and rejecting you over a bad one. The final nail in the coffin comes with the mandatory collateral demanding and also the tedious repayment system of monthly installments and fines if you fail to follow their timeline.

All of these problems are the reason why more and more business owners are forgetting their age old relations with the banking world and are becoming a part of the merchant advance world. But what exactly is Merchant Cash Advance, how does it function, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. All of this will be answered through this article.

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is the method of obtaining business loans from independent lenders in a way that is much faster, safer and transparent than any other method of obtaining finance. All you have to do in merchant advance is to approach an independent lender of your choosing and approach him/her with your proposal. Because of the high selection rate of Merchant Cash Advance, once your lender accepts your proposal, he/she will call you for a meeting.

In the meeting, you will feel as if you are having a genuine business venture and not a loan. This is because the entire process is created for the business owners and by the business owners to suit their needs. All the cards will be on the table and you will be able to negotiate on your own terms because nothing is strict in merchant advance processes. And not just that because there are many advantages that come with Merchant Cash Advance.

Advantages of Merchant Cash Advance

Fast paced processing: As mentioned earlier, the whole processing of Merchant Cash Advance can be done in just twenty-four hours and that too without any hassle that you might face with banks.

•    No restrictions: secondly, a merchant advance loan comes without any restrictions upon it. You can create your own working timeline and get loans completely on your demand. And you can also use the money however you want.

•    No collateral: You will not be asked for collateral or be rejected because of a bad credit history.

Interestingly, the only disadvantage that comes with Merchant Cash Advance is the fact that you have to pay an extra interest. But then this disadvantage is completely overshadowed by the vast advantages that come with Merchant Cash Advance.

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Raising capital for your business can seem almost impossible if you keep getting rejections from the traditional financing options. Perhaps you do not like dealing with the tussles and troubles of a lengthy approval process, collaterals, and guarantees, fixed monthly payments, or even endless paperwork. Relax! Nowadays, you can easily turn to a Merchant cash advance company to raise capital for your business reasonably fast.

An company like this one usually offering capital working capital only deducts a fair percentage of your future sales. You can then pay back the advance company what you owe over time, usually in small amounts of a fixed percentage of your business’ plastic transactions.

Why Go to an Advance Company Instead of a Bank?

Although banks might offer you some money to finance your business, the extended funding is usually in form of loans. The bank will need to go through their credit record, request for collateral, and probably deny you the loan after waiting for several days.

If you go to an MCA company, all these hassles are completely eliminated. All you will need is a fair volume of credit card transactions period. This kind of company does not mind if your business has a few or no assets.

The most important reason why advance companies are the best option for getting quick funding for your business lies in the flexibility and lending structure. Unlike bank loans which you must pay back on time, merchant advances are dependent on the level of your sales. More importantly, the funds are available for to invest in any business needs that you might have including payroll loans, buying assets, and in working capital.

Just about anywhere you decide to put the funding you get from a Merchant cash advance company there are no restrictions. Banks and other traditional lending institutions, however, tend to restrict where you put the money they give to your business. For example, if a bank lends you $10 000 to cover your payroll, they might insist that you use all that money for payroll purposes only.  

Where to Find a MCA Company for Your Business Needs

True enough, you might have no clue on how to get a trustworthy advance company that would adequately meet your immediate business needs. Unbelievably, these sources of funding are even much easier to find than a bank. If you search online for merchant cash advance companies, you will easily find these organizations operating in your area.

What Will You Require to Apply for Funding from a MCA Company?

Since most advance companies provide their services online, being ready with the following before you contact them will speed up your process of getting the funding:

i.  Valid identification

ii. Some statements from the bank account of your business

iii.Some statements from your credit transactions

Although these requirements might vary and the duration of needed statements, it is good to have them ready for expedience.

Also, make sure you are to date with the regulations on business financing in your country or state.

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We provide two highly accessible financing programs that can get your business the working capital it needs in days instead of months.

For a small business, obtaining a traditional loan today is a complex and difficult process. That’s where Premier Business Capital comes in. 

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