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How ACH Loans are better for Your Business

   Saturday, 05 April 2014 05:47 PBC Blog

What is ACH?

ACH is basically an electronic network for financial transactions, with both credit and debit transactions being processed by it. Moreover, businesses have an increasing number of customers who pay through ACH online, as opposed to using checks, as well as credit and debit cards. Paying through ACH also proves to be a faster and a more reliable way.

Alternative financing

The perks of ACH are not limited only to easy payment, as they also include loans offered by ACH. These loans are designed to be used for businesses that do not process credit card sales – for that reason, it is  sometimes  called  alternative  financing.  Due  to  the  increasing  popularity,  this  type  of  financing  is becoming the leading cash advance network in the financial industry. 

    In addition to the above, ACH loan is a flexible funding product for owners who need cash immediately, allowing them to get finances based on their future revenue prospects. According to The Business Cash  Advance experts, many successful businesses did not have the time, nor the credit, to secure the money from a traditional source, once they reached their goals using different advance programs. The solution was then to turn to companies who provide ACH loans, as they would allow them to secure the money in a few days. The lenders will then be able to deduct a small percentage from the business’ future credit card processing earnings, provided they use credit cards.

       However, this convenient option was unavailable for years, since credit card processing was not used by people in service businesses. Now, ACH loans allow anyone with a bank account to take advantage of a business cash advance.

Benefits of ACH loans for businesses

Normally, traditional lending institutions would necessitate that the business exists for a few years before allowing the loan. With ACH loans, on the other hand, a business only needs to have existed for 6 months in order to qualify. Additionally, ACH Loans are a perfect opportunity for any business that has gone through a bad period, but has the potential to generate income in the future, as a way to get back on its feet. Another, even more convincing, advantage of ACH loans is that personal assets are not at risk – clients cannot lose their own property if something goes wrong, so they have one less stressful component in their business.

  All in all, businesses will find this way of financing fast, flexible and favorable, without worrying about the credit issues. There is a variety of payback options, all of which are, as already mentioned, based only on a small percentage of the future profits. 


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