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How to best resolve workplace conflicts.

   Monday, 14 July 2014 00:00 PBC Blog

Organizations are run by the number of people with different moods and attitudes. Though the leader or a boss wants to maintain the environment pleasant so that everyone may focus on the productivity but conflicts among the employees are often unavoidable.
Differences of opinion, jealousy, pressure of work and sometimes bad mood make the environment tough. So a boss has to interrupt in the situation to tackle it and help the employees to go back to work.

As they influence the business health, so its quite essential to take measurements to avoid conflicts. It can be resolved by applying a series of thoughtfully applied steps.

1. As the leader of a team, your objective should be to resolve the issue instead of defending one party. Discourage party making approach in the office, and as far as the boss or a leader of the crew is concerned, he must be neutral in all circumstances. Party-culture leads to the politics and there is nothing more harmful to the business's backbone other than politics amongst employees.

2. Handle the issues as soon as possible. Solve it as soon as it starts, as stitch in a time saves nine. Either sides wait for the other to admit the mistake but no one is willing to do so. Before the problem elongates, the third party should intervene and remain neutral all the way.

3. The vital reason of the conflict is the upswing of mood by tension, anxiety, load of work or anger. What happens to the next? Obviously no one is ready to understand each other. When such a worse situation arises, its better to stay calm and silent rather than arguing and making the picture worse. Keeping calm is a golden tip to handle the situation.

4. Sometimes you don't understand the situation and start quarreling over the normal things. Let the other person to talk about the situation. If you are having a phone call with him, invite him on a coffee to talk face to face. It helps in clarification of misunderstanding.

5. If you are a second party in the conflict, apologize for "playing" your part in the issue. Apologise doesn't mean that you certainly have done a dreadful mistake but it's a simple way to play your part in making the things clear. It also projects your strong character to ignore, instead of sticking to the problem and creating tension in the environment.

If you know the easy tricks to understand the conflict resolution, you are a real professional on your behalf and you know the skills to tackle stressful situations in your team. It will bring you honour and respect and your employees will feel blessed to work under your supervision.


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