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The Inner workings of Merchant Advance in 2017

   Monday, 21 August 2017 10:23 PBC Blog

The Inner workings of Merchant Advance in 2017

Business owners will tell you that merchant advance loans are possibly the best method of attaining any kind of business finance today. This is because, in recent times, loans from banks have fallen from grace and have become very difficult for business owners to enjoy the same level of commitment they did a hundred years ago.

The working of banks have gone from being innovative to being restrictive, and that stops you from making use of the money that you obtain from them in any other way than what was agreed upon. They have also turned their system to something that is very difficult for business owners to get into due to the bureaucratic system and their insistence of asking for a good credit history and rejecting you over a bad one. The final nail in the coffin comes with the mandatory collateral demanding and also the tedious repayment system of monthly installments and fines if you fail to follow their timeline.

All of these problems are the reason why more and more business owners are forgetting their age old relations with the banking world and are becoming a part of the merchant advance world. But what exactly is Merchant Cash Advance, how does it function, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. All of this will be answered through this article.

What is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is the method of obtaining business loans from independent lenders in a way that is much faster, safer and transparent than any other method of obtaining finance. All you have to do in merchant advance is to approach an independent lender of your choosing and approach him/her with your proposal. Because of the high selection rate of Merchant Cash Advance, once your lender accepts your proposal, he/she will call you for a meeting.

In the meeting, you will feel as if you are having a genuine business venture and not a loan. This is because the entire process is created for the business owners and by the business owners to suit their needs. All the cards will be on the table and you will be able to negotiate on your own terms because nothing is strict in merchant advance processes. And not just that because there are many advantages that come with Merchant Cash Advance.

Advantages of Merchant Cash Advance

Fast paced processing: As mentioned earlier, the whole processing of Merchant Cash Advance can be done in just twenty-four hours and that too without any hassle that you might face with banks.

•    No restrictions: secondly, a merchant advance loan comes without any restrictions upon it. You can create your own working timeline and get loans completely on your demand. And you can also use the money however you want.

•    No collateral: You will not be asked for collateral or be rejected because of a bad credit history.

Interestingly, the only disadvantage that comes with Merchant Cash Advance is the fact that you have to pay an extra interest. But then this disadvantage is completely overshadowed by the vast advantages that come with Merchant Cash Advance.


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