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Merchant Cash Advance: Your Source of Quick Business Finance

   Thursday, 21 September 2017 10:14 PBC Blog

Merchant Cash Advance your Source of Quick Business Finance

While working in the world of business, quick business finance comes up as one of the most important things that is needed to expand a business. It helps a business owner obtain much-needed capital investment that helps them buy new and better equipment, or hire new and better employees, or finally, to help them in making deals in times of dire crisis.

So, the question that comes up for many businessmen is “where to get this business working capital from?” For most people, the only viable option seems to be banks. They are big and have already helped millions of business owners for centuries, and today, they hold keys to the entire world of commerce. And so, it becomes logical that everyone would want to get quick business finance from banks. But are they really the best options that you can find? Or is there something better than banks that you can try?

The answer to these questions can be understood by acquiring a little knowledge about banks and how they process their loans.

Quick business finance with banks

Because cash-flow issues in a business are extremely common, businesses should
always have a plan in place to help them out of those situations. Many times a loan is needed and Banks are the most well known and the most conventional means for a business owner to obtain a loan for his business. Many business owners pursue a loan from a bank only to get rejected time and time again because of the strict requirements imposed by these large financial corporations when it comes to issue their loans.  

•    The banking process is tedious and is so archaic that their bureaucracy has not changed in over a century. This leads to a huge amount of time and energy wasted, something which is now especially really valuable in the business world.

•    The banks put a lot of restrictions upon you while functioning as your financial partners. They will not let you negotiate on their terms. You will not be able to spend the money on anything other than the set terms. And finally, you will not receive the loan in a lump-sum but instead in installments.

•    Banks are not made for quick business finance today, this is because regardless of what your need might be, and you will not attain your loan quicker than their strict policies allow them to. Also, you will have to give collateral to secure the line of credit, which can be bad for you.

So, is there a better option than banks that you can follow to attain quick business capital for furthering your business? Yes, there is and it is called
Merchant Cash Advance.

Quick business finance with Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is the best way through which you can get financial capital much faster than banks. In fact, the whole process can be as fast as just twenty-four hours! So, what exactly is Merchant Cash Advance?

Well, Merchant Cash Advance is the process designed to satisfy business owners, by the business owners themselves. It allows Independent Sales Organizations, business owners, and Independent lenders come together and finance many business owners to help further their businesses.

The way it works is quite simple. First, a business owner approaches the chosen Independent lender with his/her proposal that includes his/her predicted future credit card sales. Second, the lender approves the proposal and calls for the meeting, in the meeting; both parties negotiate the terms and sign the contract. Finally, after the signing of the contract, the Independent lender transfers the loan amount in a lump-sum directly to the business owner soon afterward.

The repayment takes place through a pre-agreed upon a portion of the business owner’s future credit card sales. The only disadvantage that comes with this process is the fact that you will have to pay a higher interest rate than what you would pay for getting quick business finance from banks. But then, the advantages outweigh the disadvantage completely, and they are:

•    Any business loan with Merchant Cash Advance is quicker, transparent, and as secure as a bank loan but it actually feels like a business deal because you can interact personally with the lender without any reservations.

•    There are no restrictions with Merchant Cash Advance and your complete situation will be considered while processing your loan proposal. You will also be able to spend the money, however, the way you want. Even if you have a bad credit history it will not matter with Merchant Cash Advance.

•    While getting quick business finance from banks, you have to make your line of credit is secure by providing a form of collateral, but that is not the case with Merchant Cash Advance, because with Merchant Cash Advance, no collateral is ever required.

We hope this article has helped you understand that Merchant Cash Advance is better than banks to provide you with quick business finance, so consider choosing MCA today!.


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