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Advance Company: Your Best Resort for Quick Business Funding

   Friday, 18 August 2017 10:13 PBC Blog


Raising capital for your business can seem almost impossible if you keep getting rejections from the traditional financing options. Perhaps you do not like dealing with the tussles and troubles of a lengthy approval process, collaterals, and guarantees, fixed monthly payments, or even endless paperwork. Relax! Nowadays, you can easily turn to a Merchant cash advance company to raise capital for your business reasonably fast.

An company like this one usually offering capital working capital only deducts a fair percentage of your future sales. You can then pay back the advance company what you owe over time, usually in small amounts of a fixed percentage of your business’ plastic transactions.

Why Go to an Advance Company Instead of a Bank?

Although banks might offer you some money to finance your business, the extended funding is usually in form of loans. The bank will need to go through their credit record, request for collateral, and probably deny you the loan after waiting for several days.

If you go to an MCA company, all these hassles are completely eliminated. All you will need is a fair volume of credit card transactions period. This kind of company does not mind if your business has a few or no assets.

The most important reason why advance companies are the best option for getting quick funding for your business lies in the flexibility and lending structure. Unlike bank loans which you must pay back on time, merchant advances are dependent on the level of your sales. More importantly, the funds are available for to invest in any business needs that you might have including payroll loans, buying assets, and in working capital.

Just about anywhere you decide to put the funding you get from a Merchant cash advance company there are no restrictions. Banks and other traditional lending institutions, however, tend to restrict where you put the money they give to your business. For example, if a bank lends you $10 000 to cover your payroll, they might insist that you use all that money for payroll purposes only.  

Where to Find a MCA Company for Your Business Needs

True enough, you might have no clue on how to get a trustworthy advance company that would adequately meet your immediate business needs. Unbelievably, these sources of funding are even much easier to find than a bank. If you search online for merchant cash advance companies, you will easily find these organizations operating in your area.

What Will You Require to Apply for Funding from a MCA Company?

Since most advance companies provide their services online, being ready with the following before you contact them will speed up your process of getting the funding:

i.  Valid identification

ii. Some statements from the bank account of your business

iii.Some statements from your credit transactions

Although these requirements might vary and the duration of needed statements, it is good to have them ready for expedience.

Also, make sure you are to date with the regulations on business financing in your country or state.


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