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Work etiquettes for fresh employees.

   Sunday, 17 August 2014 00:00 PBC Blog

When you start working somewhere, you normally come with a lot of energy, skills, experience and seriousness to do it perfectly. You have to win the hearts of your fellow employees as well as the manager. But apart from all the professionalism, there are few ethics that are quite important to adapt that show your manners and etiquettes and that make you a promising business employee.

Following these etiquettes inspire your colleagues to admire you and to make a good working relationship with you. These simple tips are listed below:-

1. Greeting warmly and shaking hand with your business companions is of great value as it drags their attention towards you and help you decrease the unnecessary distance. If you have to make a business tour internationally, you must search for the greeting statements and beautiful words in their own language to meet them.

2. Many people don't know the proper use of cell phone in office or business meetings. They don't consider it seriously but the boss or managers think it a cause of great disturbance. Put your phone on silent or turn it off before joining a meeting. Even in your office, don't use a loud ringtone as it spoils the working environment. Don't answer the phone calls in gathering, your personal life is indeed personal.

3. Show generosity to your fellowship. Be ready to help them in terms of manual assistance or in sharing expertise. You are a part of a big team and if you work sincerely at your part, it is the success of whole crew. Respect your managers as they are elder to you by post and may be by age too. 

4. Speak in a gentle tone to everyone. Rising voice in the arguments or in general conversations is typically among bad manners so keep your voice as soft as possible. Sometimes misunderstanding arises and somebody starts arguing with you. You have to tackle this situation wisely as fire cannot be extinguished with fire. Your smooth and polite tongue is enough to save you from bad experiences.

5. Its not good to meet everyone at a distance. Be friendly when you meet your colleagues or new business partners. Speak in a pleasant tone with a deep smile on your face.

6. It is better to keep your business and family life separate. Don't deal your office work at your home, its time to relax and have fun with your family so make it precious. Moreover if you have spent a good time at home, you are now quite ready to fulfill your job responsibilities at office.

7. You have to make yourself adaptable and flexible to cope with the fluctuating working demands. Accept changes and innovations courageously handle them in a highly professional way.

In the business environment, good behavior is of utmost important. It helps you to construct long lasting relationships with business partners and cooperation among employees. Thus the excellent display of good manners make you recognized as the best employee.


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