Your Salon, Your Livelihood

As an owner of a beauty salon, you are both an artist and an entrepreneur. You are an adviser and inspiration for the appearance of your clients, and leader and trainer for your employees for whom you set the example. Also, your employees depend on you for their professional success, and opportunities are available to you in form of clients to sharpen your artistic passion. An owner of a beauty salon has to be a handworker, determinant, and passionate professional. At times, some external factors can create some sort of imbalance and at that time you quickly have to turn for support.

Tougher Times

Recession has even affected the business of hair salons.  The amount of visits from your clients has unwantedly decreased. One of the reasons may be that you had an employee who left you and diverted some of your clients toward them or simply your clients do not have the cash flow that they used to have. Whatever the reason, the business is not generating the same income as before and the expenses still have to be paid and you still have the hope of rising business opportunities in the future. The salon possibly can use a little renovation so that it may attract new clients.  You want to begin keeping better cosmetics and beauty equipment in stock. You would like to change some of your gadgets to the high =-tech inventions in the market in the hopes that it will make your business more efficient and attract additional clients. All these changes undoubtedly will call for finances difficult to get these days. But, there is a solution that doesn't come from a bank; it is called a Working Capital Loan.

Loans, Not Ideal

Finances are needed for all these changes, like minor repairs, advertisements, new and improved stocking of product, or renovation. Loans aren’t always the ideal solution, especially in a recession when everything is hard to get economically. Tough bank restrictions across the board and the requirements of the bankers to look at your business credits as well as your personal credit while considering your loan. There is a compulsory need to pledge collateral against the loan amount, which certainly is nothing much to be found in your salon for this purpose because of its minimal resale value. Restrictions on spending the value of the loan can be placed by the banks, with the need to place a detailed written explanation of how the money will be used. After the loan is approved, it will take several months to receive the funds and finally start the salon makeover. This is why a Working Capital Loan is an advantage for you over the headaches caused by the traditional loan.

The Better Solution

There is a unique opportunity to finance your business with a Working Capital Loan. The application process is simpler because of the lenient procedures and fewer restrictions. Working Capital Loans are not as strict as a traditional loan. After the approval of the application, the cash amount of the loan value is received in a less than a couple days and sometimes as quickly as the same day. This is not possible with a bank loan. The best part of the loan is that a Merchant Cash Advance isn't paid back in the similar manner as a loan, where the same payment is made to the bank every month. Your repayment is directly linked to performance of your business. A small percentage of debit and/or credit card transactions is transferred automatically to pay off the advance. Or, the Snap Advances will be debited from your bank account daily for a fixed amount. There is no necessity to make payment in any other form and many business owners are able to pay off their Merchant Cash Advance in less than a year! The pace of your business determines how much is paid because the repayment is based on a set percentage of the business. Once your advance is paid off, you are free of this.

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