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Everyone needs you, be it a 5-year child or someone more than 50 years old. Someone may be in your store for some tasty sandwiches, a quick meal, or some grocery items. Today’s changing economy has left no business untouched with its adverse effects, and so yours is no different. One of the best ways to cope with this these times is to adapt to these economic changes and change in trends of customer demands. To survive here you need working capital and Merchant Cash Advance from Premier Business Capital offers you the same.

Adapting to Change

The recession today has affected everyone, including your customers. Now you may have fewer customers then you had before because many people have lost their jobs and are becoming more particular regarding how they spend their money. The customers who are still working have become extremely careful about their expenditures because they have worries over reduced wages or job security. With the reduced number of customers and their lower spending capacity, now you have drivers unwilling to fill their tanks to save money. The rising fuel and food prices are now imposing another adverse impact on your business. This increases the cost on most of your products and affects the way you handle your business and sell. To stand in the market, to earn your profits, and to hold onto your customers, you may need to make changes to your store. These changes can be in the form of more locations, easier store access, parking ease, adding more cuisines to menu, building a refreshed ambience, etc. This all will require working capital that you do not have at hand. And, because of loopholes in small business loans, Premier Business Capital is the best choice.

Loan not a Healthy Choice

Loan is not the best funding option because of the fat terms and conditions of banks. Loan officers examine your business history, market reputation, personal credit score (minimum 680), etc., before approving loan. Banks also need collateral for which they do not accept any of the stock in your store. Banks also need a written detailed explanation on how you plan to spend the money and they can even impose restrictions on it. Even if your loan is approved, it might take a long time to get the actual cash. Therefore, you should go for a Merchant Cash Advance because it overcomes all these defaults in small business loans.

The Financing Cure

Premier Business Capital offers you a great, simple, and fast way of funding. The application process and norms are very easy. Once you qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance, you will receive the money in a few days of approval. You have no restrictions on the usage of money. Even repaying is very easy when you are with us. You don't have to pay a fixed amount to us every month, as you do with a loan. Your repayment is directly linked to your debit and credit card transactions or a daily ACH debit that is automatically transferred from your account toward repayment. Now you don't have to worry about maturity date, late fees, and checks. Your repayment is based on your daily sales; a set percentage is charged on your transactions. Most people pay us back in less than a year and once your advance is paid back, you are free.  

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For a small business, obtaining a traditional loan today is a complex and difficult process. That’s where Premier Business Capital comes in. 

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