Improving Homes

You help people turn a house into a home. Your store is where customers come to find furniture. You help them make sure it is perfect for their home and their lifestyle. Your business is part interior design, part sales, and totally fulfilling as you help people find the perfect piece of furniture. Your employees look up to you as an example of how they should act and treat the customers. They also look to you to bring customers in through the doors so they can help them and make sales. This economy has made it tougher to make a living, but it is possible to increase your sales even today.

Don't Take it Lying Down

You've certainly felt the pinch of the recession. People continue to worry about the security of their jobs, large numbers of people remain on unemployment, and businesses keep looking for ways to cut corners. You've seen less foot traffic in your store as a direct result of these concerns. But, the average consumers haven’t stopped spending money, they've just altered the way they spend it. Consumers are looking for bargains, things they believe they can't live without, or deals they can't overlook, and a unique experience to bring them back for return business. People still want furniture, they're just more wary about where they buy it and for how much. The best way to increase sales in this economy is to adapt to the new behaviors of your customers. You can offer free delivery and setup services, change your showroom around and bring in some trendy new furniture, and/or sell outdated pieces for a bargain. You may want to redesign the store completely to reflect a new image. You want to begin to advertise in every medium you are able to reach the most customers possible. This will require funding, though, which is something hard to come by these days. There are really good options available, like Merchant Cash Advances.

Pitfalls of a Loan

You might be considering a traditional small business loan to improve your furniture store. You've probably even used them in the past. You know they aren't ideal, especially with the new restrictions banks have imposed on business loans. It can seem nearly impossible for many business owners to be approved for a loan toady. You will certainly need a personal credit score of at least 700 for a loan officer to even read further into the application. A bank will require collateral. Sometimes they will accept furniture you have in stock if it believes it can resell it quickly. More often, though, business owners must pledge personal assets, such as homes or stocks, for collateral. Banks can restrict how the loan can be spent, often wanting a detailed written explanation of how the money will be used. If the loan is approved, it can take up to several months for you to be able to use the financing. This is why a Merchant Cash Advance is such an advantage to your furniture store. It overcomes all of a loan's deficiencies.

The Better Solution

A Merchant Cash Advance offers your furniture store a unique opportunity to finance change. The application process is simpler than a loan because the restrictions aren't nearly as stringent. When your application is approved, you can receive your cash in as little as a few days. You are free to use the cash however you want. And, perhaps most beneficial to you, is that a Merchant Cash Advance isn't paid back the same way as a loan, where you have to make the same payment every month. With an advance, your repayment is directly linked with how well your business is doing. A small percentage of debit and credit card transactions or a daily ACH debit automatically is transferred to pay off the advance. Because the amount collected is a percentage of electronic transactions, what you pay is directly linked to how well your store is doing. When sales are up, you pay off the advance faster. When things are slow, you pay smaller amounts. There is no maturity date, no late fees, no checks to mail, and no minimum monthly balance to pay. And many merchants pay off their advance in less than a year! You can see just how perfect a Merchant Cash Advance is for your furniture store's improvements.

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