Cash Advances for Restaurants

Who doesn't want to grow? In today's competitive world, you need to have an edge over others. Now the question is how to grow. Merchant Cash Advance from Premier Business Capital can help you do that. If you are a restaurant owner, then you require working capital for new tables, more space, more equipment, bigger kitchen, and perhaps more staff. So, be quick in contacting us before you lose your hold.

Why Not a Loan

The banking policies for a small business loan accompanied by its long terms and conditions may pose a low chance of approval for you, especially because of following reasons:

Your Personal Credit Score

For any loan application to be considered there must be a high credit score. If your score is less than 680, then your application will be disqualified immediately.

Bank Requires Collateral for Loan

For any loan, you need to arrange collateral. But what if the property you are using is leased and not owned? Then, of course, they will not accept any food and beverages from your store as collateral.

 You Are Answerable to the Bank

If you are getting a loan from the bank then you must be prepared with the following questions :

  • How you plan to use the loan
  • Nature of your restaurant
  • Detailed history of your restaurant

Even after these questions they will put restrictions on the use of credit.

Maturity Date Terror

Even if you get the loan, it will take a long time to get the actual cash to use and every month you will pay some amount, which will be due by a risk penalty of a late fee. You will live with maturity-date stress.

Obviously getting a loan isn’t an easy or ideal way to finance your business. So, try a Merchant Cash Advance from Premier Business Capital and discover the experience of easy and stress-free funding of your business.

Submit the application and within a few days the money will be yours.

Go for a Merchant Cash Advance

Disqualified for a loan? Don't worry, you may still qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance because there is no requirement of any collateral, no set monthly amount to pay, no maturity date, and you will receive complete cash within days of submitting application. Premier Business Capital takes a small percentage of credit and debit card sales or a daily ACH from your bank account. It’s all done automatically so you don't need to worry about late fees, mailing checks, and keeping track of when bills are due.

Here's How it Will Help Your Restaurant:

If you are approved for a Merchant Cash Advance from Premier Business Capital under the credit card program, you will soon receive the money for use in your restaurant. Then Premier Business Capital will take a small percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales during the settlement of transactions. Your payment is directly linked to your restaurant's performance because Premier Business Capital collects a certain percentage of your transactions. Once we receive the total payment, you are free. Generally, restaurateurs pay back their advance within a year. You can always get additional funds once 50% of your original advance is paid back.

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We provide two highly accessible financing programs that can get your business the working capital it needs in days instead of months.

For a small business, obtaining a traditional loan today is a complex and difficult process. That’s where Premier Business Capital comes in. 

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