Specialty Store

You specialize in a specific range of merchandise and related items. You don’t have a versatile business and you don't even need versatility because your expertise in terms of knowledge, quality, and variety of your merchandise. You cater to people in town who need your product and who will come to you for the quality and variety that no general store can offer for that particular merchandise. You may sell phones, groceries, and feng shui, or may own an antique shop or a fashion-clothing store, etc. You are also suffering during the recession. You need to boost your business and you need financing for this.

A Changing Environment

You have seen many ups and downs in business, but it seems as if this recession and market downfall has no end.  You notice the changes in shopping trends as your customers are spending.  Also, suppliers have made changes to adapt to current economic situations. Suppliers no longer deliver products on credit today because of the fear of bankruptcies, failing businesses, and merchants delaying payments. Maybe you also need cash to purchase merchandise or some other reason to survive in the market. If this is you, Premier Business Capital can help.

Adapting to Economy

Hurry up! Apply now, get your cash and spend it the way you want to and your advance gets paid off automatically when your clients use their cards to pay you.

The Better Solution

Premier Business Capital offers you a great, simple, and fast way of funding. Unlike loans, we offer no complicated terms or conditions. We don’t have a complicated application procedure, we impose no restrictions on the ways you want to spend the money, and no collateral is required. Lastly, you don't have to worry about paying a certain amount every month even if your business isn't doing well for that month. The application process is very easy. Once you qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance, you will receive the money in a few days of approval. Even repaying is very easy when you are with us. With an advance, your repayment is directly linked to how well your business is doing. A small percentage of debit and credit card transactions or a daily ACH is debited from your bank account to pay off the advance. You don't have to worry about maturity date, late fees, mail, and checks as your repayment is based on how well you are doing. Most people pay us back in less than a year and once your advance is paid back, you are free. 

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Contact us today, apply for your cash advance and then let our professional team of representatives get in touch with you. Don't worry anymore and don't hesitate because your money is just a few steps away from you. Come on and have it to solve your problems.

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We provide two highly accessible financing programs that can get your business the working capital it needs in days instead of months.

For a small business, obtaining a traditional loan today is a complex and difficult process. That’s where Premier Business Capital comes in. 

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