Feeding the Hungry

People need to eat; this is a fact. Despite the need for nourishment, this recession has hit grocery stores and supermarkets in a number of ways. Consumers are shopping with frugality in mind these days. They are making shopping lists and using coupons. Couple those changes along with the rising food costs and you see lower profits in your store. With consumers altering their shopping habits, certain types of your stock aren’t moving as fast. No business owner wants to see products reaching their expiration date. This just leads to waste and a loss in revenue. Also, new regulations are affecting grocery store product packaging that could affect laws in the United States in the near future. You can combat these and any other dilemmas with an increase in profits by using a Merchant Cash Advance to fund some changes.

Adapting to Change

Economists recommend that small businesses adapt to the changes this recession has brought in order to withstand the currents of unrest and uncertainty in our economy. You have no doubt about what changes you should make to you store, from how customers are treated to a totally new layout. You could rearrange the way loss leaders are presented, so that they better attract customers and draw their attentions to other products that complement the loss leaders well. Many of the changes you should make to your store to adapt to your consumers new manner of shopping will require funding. Obtaining working capital isn't as easy these days as it once was. With lower profits, it is difficult to round up enough cash to make these changes. But, your profits won't increase unless you make these changes. So you may be thinking about a small-business loan, but you are uncertain because of the pitfalls associated with today's loans. This is why a Merchant Cash Advance is perfect for a grocery store or supermarket.

Better Than a Loan

With a Merchant Cash Advance, nearly every disadvantage to a loan is overcome. Banks have tightened their restrictions for small business loans, making it more difficult to obtain one. Loan officers are requiring collateral, often in the form of personal assets, to obtain a loan. This is not case with an advance.  With bank loans you may need to have a personal credit score of at least 700 to even be considered for a loan; but, with a Merchant Cash Advance, a low credit score isn't a disqualifier.  If you are approved for a loan, you may have to wait for months to see the cash; but, with a cash advance, you can have your money in as little as a few days. A loan will haunt you for years as you pay the set minimum balance each month. You have to pay before a certain day to avoid late fees. And, there is a maturity date, the date when a loan has to be paid off in full. With a Merchant Cash Advance, a small percentage of credit and debit card transactions is collected automatically or Premier Business Capital takes a daily ACH debit from your bank account. Because the amount collected is a percentage of electronic transactions, what you pay is directly linked to how well your store is doing. When sales are up, you pay off the advance faster. When things are slow, you pay smaller amounts. There is no maturity date, no late fees, no checks to mail, and no minimum balance. And many merchants pay off their advance in less than a year. You can see just how ideal a Merchant Cash Advance is for your grocery store or supermarket.

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